Jack the Ripper — Media Project2020

graphic design, illustration

While studying media at ︎︎︎Malmö University, I studied the story structure of Jack the Ripper. Keeping this narrative in mind, I was instructed to translate it into the comic medium. This A2-sized poster is how I envisioned a Jack the Ripper comic to look like.

adobe illustrator / adobe indesign


︎To gain the general tone and aesthetic of this poster I began to mood board.

︎My idea starting off this project was to create a cover that resembled a movie poster while the comic itself being like a film storyboard.

︎After understanding what components I wanted to take away from each piece in my mood board, I began to draft some ideas on paper.

︎While studying the compositions of classic Marvel Comics, I started to formulate how to layout my cover and began to bring it to life on Adobe Illustrator.

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Updated: 03.28.21