Hi, I’m Derek — a radiantly passionate designer with a focus on functionality and sustainability to achieve empathetic solutions for modern human problems.

Why I create
Art and design is my absolute passion. I love self-expression and my dream is to make a positive impact on the world through design and creation no matter the scale.

I approach design from a function-first mentality and aim to form intimate connections between users and products across physical and digital platforms.

For object design, I often pull inspiration from nature and things in the realm of biomimicry. I think nature is the apex designer, able to conceive the most intricate organic forms that derive and adapt to their environments. Through my studies of UI/UX design, thoughtful user research and journeys are a natural part of my preliminary design processes. Inclusive design is good design, and I like to account for all if not most user segments. I enjoy playing with the minor details and micro interactions of my designs in order to empower and connect with users. I am also open minded and love experimental concepts.

University of Waterloo - School of Interaction Design and Business (2021)
︎︎︎Bachelors of Global Business + Digital Arts

Malmö University - Media Studies (2019)
︎︎︎Bilateral Programme


fun facts:
- fascinated by outerwear
- obsessed with footwear design
- when I’m not designing, I make art
- some of my visual inspiration comes from anime
- “health is wealth” 🌱

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Updated: 03.28.21